Wednesday, 19 September 2012

First rung - ETL401 - Management

Topic 6 - Management

Managing my time is always my biggest failing… procrastination is my MO, so Wilson's article on opting what to give 100% to was illuminating but very scary… 100%!!

So I must plan my day – and break it down into manageable chunks of time in order to achieve set tasks and balance what I need to achieve against what I can achieve.

Gilman’s article on librarians/library staff not listening to one another struck a chord. In collaboration do we find that we only agree with the opinions we already accept or do we only agree without intending to really ‘change’ anything at all and retain the existing state of affairs. ‘Change’ is not to be found in the vocabulary of some of the older style librarians.

Of the two persons that inspire me the most at my institute, when I thought about them, I discovered that they both exhibit the same approaches when working with both staff and students
They both have a science degree; one is an access teacher and the other a campus Librarian and my mentor, however they both:

Display an incredible amount of enthusiasm, at all times.

Put the requirements of staff and students foremost

Works collaboratively with all other staff, planning with others to organize the best support for classes within the library and in general classrooms

Are extremely good communicators, getting their own ideas across clearly as well as being willing to accept new ideas from others

Does not take work home; they have made a conscious decision to separate work and private life

Passionate about learning and the library and shares this passion with all around them

Love the idea of new technology, the using, the buying, incorporating into teaching

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